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Our Classrooms

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Our Classrooms
Our Classrooms

Infant Program

Infants are cared for in a warm and affectionate way which lets them know that they are special. Physical needs are met completely and sanitation procedures are strictly followed: Infant comfort and safety is always a priority.

Daily reports are made to parents and include activities, infants feeding times and sleeping schedules. Parents share information on the child's sleep and morning routine so teachers' can meet the child's daily needs. Parents are encouraged to participate in any way that they find comfortable. Developmental records are kept on each child, with parents meeting with teachers every three months to discuss their child's progress and goals.


We provide a warm and nurturing environment for toddlers, where each child is recognized as unique and staff make every effort to the meet the child's individual needs.

We provide language development which is so important, as well as opportunities for sand, water and sensory materials. Art, music, song and dance are also part of daily activities. We provide potty training when appropriate. Developmental records are kept on each child. Parent meetings are held every six months to plan the child's goals and reflect on their progress.


To promote emotional growth, we build successful experiences into our curriculum which develops self confidence and a sense of self-worth.

We work to instill a sense of caring and sensitivity towards others which helps children grow in acceptance and tolerance of other children.

We provide a wide variety of activities. Curriculum includes art, music, cooking, dramatic play, language arts and large and small motor activities.

Developmental records are kept for each child. Parents meet with teachers every six months to discuss the progress made and set future goals together.

Four and Five Year Olds

We provide a nurturing, relaxed and non-sexist environment with caring adults, independence is encouraged. Free choice decisions are offered, social skills are acquired and individuality is respected.

We provide a wide-ranging curriculum I science, cooking, music and movement, drama, language arts, large/fine motor activities. We encourage children to be curious about the world, and we help them to gain self-discipline. Respect for others and materials are part of our daily atmosphere. Parent meetings continue to be held every six months so families and teachers can reflect on their progress and goals for the child can be planned.

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